Southampton Cruise Terminal is a bustling hub for travellers embarking on luxurious voyages. Whether you’ve forgotten a vital item or simply want to explore the local shopping scene, knowing the best places for last-minute shopping and essentials can make your journey smoother.

In this article, we’ll guide you through top shopping spots near Southampton Cruise Terminal, from supermarkets and pharmacies to shopping centres and unique local stores. Whether you need travel essentials or want to indulge in a bit of retail therapy, we’ve got you covered.

Westquay Shopping Centre


Westquay Shopping Centre is one of the premier shopping destinations in Southampton. Located just a short distance from the cruise terminal, it offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Key Stores and Offerings

  • High Street Brands: You can find popular high street brands like Zara, H&M, and John Lewis.
  • Tech and Gadgets: Stores like Apple and Currys PC World cater to your tech needs.
  • Dining: A variety of restaurants and cafes are available, offering everything from fast food to fine dining.


The shopping centre is located approximately 1 mile from the cruise terminal and is easily accessible by foot, car, and public transport, with ample parking and direct links to the city’s bus and train services.

IKEA Southampton


IKEA Southampton is perfect for travellers looking to pick up homeware essentials or unique Scandinavian items. It’s not just a store; it’s an experience.

Key Offerings

  • Home Essentials: From bedding to kitchenware, IKEA has a wide range of products.
  • Food Market: Don’t miss the Swedish Food Market for unique snacks and ingredients.
  • Dining: The in-store restaurant offers affordable meals, including the famous IKEA meatballs.


Located about 2 miles from the cruise terminal, IKEA offers ample parking and is accessible via local bus routes.

Marlands Shopping Centre


Marlands Shopping Centre provides a more relaxed shopping experience compared to the larger Westquay.

Key Stores and Offerings

  • Fashion and Accessories: A mix of independent boutiques and well-known brands.
  • Health and Beauty: Stores like Boots and The Body Shop cater to all your health and beauty needs.
  • Unique Finds: Specialty stores offering unique gifts and souvenirs.


Centrally located and about 1.2 miles from the cruise terminal, Marlands is easy to reach by foot or public transport.

ASDA Superstore


For all your grocery and last-minute essentials, ASDA Superstore is a convenient option close to the cruise terminal.

Key Offerings

  • Groceries: A wide selection of food and drink, including fresh produce and ready meals.
  • Household Items: Everything from toiletries to cleaning supplies.
  • Pharmacy: On-site pharmacy for any medicinal needs.


ASDA is approximately 2 miles from the cruise terminal. It is accessible by car, with ample parking, and is also well-served by local bus routes.

Southampton City Centre


The heart of Southampton offers a variety of stores, cafes, and attractions. It’s perfect for a last-minute shopping spree or a leisurely day out.

Key Attractions

  • High Street Shops: A mix of big-name stores and local boutiques.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Numerous options for dining, from quick bites to sit-down meals.
  • Historical Sites: Visit historical landmarks like the Bargate and the old city walls.


Located around 1 mile from the cruise terminal, the city centre is easily accessible by foot, car, and public transport.

Ocean Village Marina


Ocean Village Marina is a vibrant waterfront location with shops, restaurants, and leisure activities.

Key Offerings

  • Boutiques and Stores: Unique shops offering fashion, gifts, and nautical items.
  • Dining: Waterfront restaurants and cafes with stunning views.
  • Leisure Activities: Enjoy a stroll along the marina or partake in water sports.


Located about 1.5 miles from the cruise terminal, Ocean Village is accessible by foot and local transport.


What are the best supermarkets near Southampton Cruise Terminal?

ASDA Superstore and Tesco Extra are both excellent options for last-minute groceries and essentials. Both offer a wide range of products and convenient locations.

Are there any pharmacies close to Southampton Cruise Terminal?

Yes, Boots in Marlands Shopping Centre and the pharmacy at ASDA Superstore are both convenient options for any medicinal needs.

Where can I buy tech gadgets near Southampton Cruise Terminal?

Westquay Shopping Centre hosts several tech stores, including Apple and Currys PC World, offering a variety of electronics and gadgets.

Are there any local markets near Southampton Cruise Terminal?

Yes, the Southampton Market, held regularly in the city centre, offers fresh produce, crafts, and unique local products.

Can I find travel essentials near Southampton Cruise Terminal?

Absolutely. Stores like Boots, John Lewis, and various shops in Westquay Shopping Centre offer a range of travel essentials.

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