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How we are responding to Covid-19

As a Private luxury chauffeur company, we know that it is difficult times right now when making a reservation for your transportation so we are taking alternative steps to ensure that our drivers follow extensive safety procedures for all our clients and for themselves. We at Londoncruise-transfers are following government recommendations for carriage providers to stop the spread of the (COVID-19) coronavirus.

Our Procedures

Hygiene Procedure for our Chauffeurs: Chauffeurs will wear a face mask at all times and wash/sanitise hands repeatedly. If the chauffeur becomes knowledgeable they have had contact with an infected client, the chauffeur will instantly vacate from service and self-isolate. We have advised our Chauffeurs to be mindful with suggested personal and vehicle hygiene procedures. Once your chauffeur has dropped off client/s they will clean his/her hands thoroughly. Having finished this requirement, he/she will then put their attention to the cleaning and sanitisation of the vehicle before carrying the next client/s.

Hygiene Procedure for our transportation: Leading to a new client/s boarding the vehicle, your chauffeur will sanitise the seats, door handles and all surfaces where the previous clients have touched. Once the vehicle has been fully sanitised, the chauffeur will then wash his/her hands again.

Welcome Procedure of the Client: At the time of meeting you, we will refrain from contact with you by way of shaking hands. When reached your designated transportation, your chauffeur will offer you a face covering (face mask) Antibacterial Hand Gel, wipes.

Sitting behind the Driver: With the welfare of client/s and safety precautions being taken to travel with us at Londoncruise- transfers, travel should be relatively safe during a pandemic, however a car is an enclosed space. While there have been no scientific studies, experts do suggest the safest place to sit is directly behind your driver.

The Carrying of Newspapers & Magazines: The (WHO)World Health Organisation have made it aware that plastic & paper and can carry bacteria and viruses. This is why now we will not be offering daily newspapers and magazines at this time as these are what we touch and could become key to the spread of the (Covid-19) coronavirus.

Instructions For Our Chauffeurs

  • Offer hand sanitiser and face-masks to all client/s at time of meeting

  • Use anti-virus wipes to clean your vehicle interior surfaces between client/s changes. The areas you should put your attention to are: Interior door panel, all handles, windows, locks, door storage areas, cup holders, power cords, seats, exterior door handles, and children’s car seats.

  • Newspapers and magazines should be removed from the seat-back pockets within vehicles pending further instructions during this period.

  • Only offer sealed refreshments and immediately remove the remaining packets with gloves after the journey is completed

  • Wearing gloves to support client/s with luggage is a good method to minimise contact and to reassure client/s

  • Handshakes with the client/s should be avoided until further notice.

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